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change is here

shepard-fairey-barack-obama1  i just finished watching barack obama’s inaugural address – let’s hope our nation, our leaders and fellow individuals follow through with our current momentum and fervor, holding each other accountable for the change and progress we hope to accomplish. 

this day not only marks the commencement of our 44th president but my return to ciao chow ciao!  i thought about returning for the new year, but those resolutions and fresh starts are so overrated.  no, just kidding m.m.  the holiday craze and subsequent struggle to get back into real life did not make my participation a priority.  thank you, m.m., for holding down the fort and providing your thoughts and delicious dishes.  i did make some changes after the holiday, though.  i’ve been hitting the gym regularly – 4 to 5 times a week.  also, i’ve been a vegetarian since the start of the new year.  things are going great!  i’ve been very conscious about what i’ve been eating and have been trying to focus on positive and realistic body transformation!  i couldn’t do it, though, without the help of cheddar chap…he’s been very supportive AND he’s doing yoga…everyday!  i hate yoga, but i’ll post about that later.

unfortunately, i’m at work now and cannot post much more.  i look forward to sharing my new vegetarian recipes and lifestyle, as well as my journey through 2009 thus far!

cheers and love,

cheese louise!


grease my arteries, please?

perusing my swath of blogs this morning, i happened up THIS on dlisted.  enjoy!

julia child & dirt juice

i am horrible with surprises!  therefore, cheddar chap has already received a few christmas gifts. a subscription to dwell and two cookbooks: julia child’s the french chef cookbook (wonderful action shots from the early 60s) and cajun-creole cooking…actually wait. while typing this, i also told him about the subscription to architectual record.  oops : )  cheddie responded by letting me know that he got me a two year sub to BUST!  yay!  so sweet.

two days in a row, now, i’ve hit the gym hard. feeling like i’ve caught my stride again. well, today, after a satisfying workout, i hit up the gym rat snack shack for a juice. i thought why not get my serving of fruits and vegetables in cup?! i ordered the “beetnik”… beets, apple and carrots.  mmmm mmmm mmmm, me thought.  but noooooooo.  if you go to my gym, please do not order this cup of dirt juice!  yes, this magenta concoction tasted like it was ladeled from the earth!  i watched as my blender girl put dirty, unwashed carrots into the juicer.  i thought that stems, roots and seeds would just result in juicy goodness.  heed my advice: wash your fruits and veggies before blending! 

i’ll post some pictures later.

time for a tuna sandwich!  and a coors light – it is 2pm after all.


cheese louisa may alcott : )

i’m back…

thanks for holding down the fort, m.m., while i’ve been m.i.a.!!!!  i came off a long weekend of funeral induced reunions, end of semester recouping and work.  but i’m back!

i had horrible eating habits during this time; although, i did enjoy the 5 white castle burgers (they’re little) and pizza rolls! ; ) last night, the fun continued with pizza and wings!  however, last night i got a full 9 and half hours of sleep! woke up a bit after 7, made some tea (i’m off coffee), read news, journaled, chatted with cheddar chap… i feel so good, and it’s barely 9am! i’ll be heading to the gym shortly, followed by a day of grading papers.

i feel slightly over-caffeinated…in a good way. is this contributing to my happiness? i don’t know. but, m.m., i can’t wait to hug you!


cheese louise : )

Your daily WYR!


i’m in the mood…

for some smoked salmon! and good news… a serving (3 oz. or about 4 slices) has 120-140 calories! 60 calories from fat. now what about that bagel and cream cheese i want to accompany it? according to the daily plate, a generic bagel has 259 calories. now, i’m not sure whether or not that includes the cream cheese.

what got me thinking about this deliciousness was jezebel’s post about the “hottest food trends of 2009″ – a whole lot of breakfast for dinner. i don’t know if i’m a breakfast all the time gal. i like my eggs hard-boiled.

and for more happiness, while you’re perusing jezebel, check out the wainwrights.


cheesy weezie

p.s. i’m totally procrastinating … Keats! here i come!


so, my grandma and last surviving grandparent passed away yesterday afternoon.  i’m twisted with emotion; not my own sadness over personal loss, but the heartbreaking situation of a miserable woman who managed to alienate her family and lay sick and all alone before dying in those same circumstances.  could i have made this sad woman happy?  could i have brought joy to a woman who had nothing left to live for?  as granddaughter, yet daughter of the son who felt nothing but anger towards his mother, what is/was my position?  it was a relationship of holiday cash and phone calls,  excited childhood visits because of her proximity to  Disney World.  but now i wonder, did i ignore my responsibility to a once adored family member or would my attention have betrayed my father?  everyone in my family has something to say on the issue, and none of those words are positive.  maybe it was this energy that perpetuated my ignorance, told me it wasn’t my battle, concern, problem?  regardless of anyone else’s feelings, my grandmother is dead, and my overwhelming reaction is guilt.

so to take my/your mind off anything that might be bothering you today, watch this:

i ❤ natalie portman.