change is here

shepard-fairey-barack-obama1  i just finished watching barack obama’s inaugural address – let’s hope our nation, our leaders and fellow individuals follow through with our current momentum and fervor, holding each other accountable for the change and progress we hope to accomplish. 

this day not only marks the commencement of our 44th president but my return to ciao chow ciao!  i thought about returning for the new year, but those resolutions and fresh starts are so overrated.  no, just kidding m.m.  the holiday craze and subsequent struggle to get back into real life did not make my participation a priority.  thank you, m.m., for holding down the fort and providing your thoughts and delicious dishes.  i did make some changes after the holiday, though.  i’ve been hitting the gym regularly – 4 to 5 times a week.  also, i’ve been a vegetarian since the start of the new year.  things are going great!  i’ve been very conscious about what i’ve been eating and have been trying to focus on positive and realistic body transformation!  i couldn’t do it, though, without the help of cheddar chap…he’s been very supportive AND he’s doing yoga…everyday!  i hate yoga, but i’ll post about that later.

unfortunately, i’m at work now and cannot post much more.  i look forward to sharing my new vegetarian recipes and lifestyle, as well as my journey through 2009 thus far!

cheers and love,

cheese louise!


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