Food on the go: Lemon chickpea salad with red onion and parsley


Happy Thursday! I am inordinately happy that today is Thursday — the first half of my week was really rough, work-wise, it feels like such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that it’s all over. Now I’m ready to let it all hang out, metaphorically and literally!

Sometimes it’s really hard to eat healthy when I’m so busy, and I end up grabbing a sandwich or paying money for food that would be easy to make at home. But yesterday I made an amazing cold bean salad that takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and is so fresh and healthy-tasting that you’ll want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That being said,  I had it for dinner last night, I’ll eat the rest for lunch today, and I’m making another batch for my dinner party tonight! It’s the perfect snack — cheap, super healthy, and so pretty to look at.

This chickpea salad goes great with toasted whole wheat pita (as I had it last night), but I can see it being tossed with some lightly dressed spinach or greens for a salad, or over a bed of curry-flavored couscous. This also seems like a great side dish to something more substantial, like grilled chicken or a piece of fish. And part of me just wants to throw the whole bowl into the food processor you gave me (THANKS! by the way), because it’s essentially the ingredients for hummus. But deconstructed.

Moving along:


Chickpea salad with red onion

You need:

2 cans chickpeas (I like to call those little suckers ‘banzos)

1 lemon

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 medium-ish red onion

1/2 cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley

lots of freshly cracked black pepper and flaky salt

That’s it! That’s all the ingredients. Rinse the chickpeas well and pat dry. Chop a red onion really finely. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and salt to taste. Let it hang out for a few hours to let the lemon really incorporate all the flavors. That’s it!

You can also mix in endless variations to this — maybe add a can of black eyed peas, too. Or some chopped tomatoes and cilantro for a more “salsa-ish” variation. Add bulghur to make tabbuleh. Add cumin to make it smoky. And you know what else would be good? Putting the entire pan into a 350 degree oven and roasting until they’re crispy and insanely addictive — like this. Lawsies, how I love the Mighty Pea!!!

Exxess and ohhhhs,

Manchego Mama.


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