In which I tackle New Year’s Resolutions.


[Photo from my Christmas vacation!] Morning, C. Louise! Thanks for the delicious enchilada dinner this weekend — the salad on the side makes them healthy, right? In any case, I had a fabulous time and you better let me host the next (impromptu) dinner party! I’m thinking lamb stew and crusty bread. Or maybe chili and cornbread. Whatever.

Onward, march: Last night I got to thinking quite a bit about 2008, what I did (or didn’t) do. My highs, my lows. How I felt, if I grew, what I learned, what I wanted, and how that changed. C.L., 2008 was a CRAZY year for me. It wasn’t all good, but it sure was eventful. I rarely make New Year’s Resolutions, but there’s something about the concept of a ‘fresh start’ that is really appealing to me this time around. Reinvention, reconception, reimagining who we can — and want — to be is kind of what this blog is all about, right? At least in some way. Or at least, the idea of being the best version of ourselves.

That being said, there are some resolutions that I’m going to try out and flex my Commitment Muscles. I obviously can’t do them all at once, all the time, but instead maybe I’ll pick a certain week to focus on one, and see how it works.

1. Join morning yoga class. (This so did not work in 2008.)

2. Take more short walks while at work. (I hate sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day.)

3. Cook more meals at home, spend less money out eating.

4. Call my parents more.

5. DRINK LESS. (This will be really tough. So maybe I’ll just amend it to: “Drink less beer.”)

6. Write more about music, listen to more music. (This one will be easy.)

7. Think less about my weight, and more about how I feel about my weight. (This will be the hardest one; I already broke it this weekend when I bought a scale and spent 2 hours being depressed about the number in the little window.)

8. Spend more time with Cheddar Chap and Cheese Louise!! ❤


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