Note to self: Eat dinner.


Hey C. Louise! How’s your weekend going?

This weather has been such a big bummer and only one thing happens when it gets this cold (at least for me): I want to snuggle up, stay in, nap, drink beers, and eat salty food. Oh wait that is totally not different from any other night.

I’ve had a pretty weird (weird = bad) week of eating. I think I’ve nailed a big problem for me, so I have the diagnosis. Now I just need a cure. I tend to skip dinner, drink a lot, and binge-eat in the middle of the next day. I was chatting with The Boy about it this morning (couched in a slightly less pathetic way) and he says that if you eat small portions throughout the day, then your metabolism speeds up and you won’t feel so hungover. Then again, he’s 5’11 and about 140lbs and can eat whatever the hell he wants.

For me, I do exactly the opposite. For example: after our fun night on Thursday (of which I had all of zero dinner), I passed out, woke up, got sick, skipped breakfast, and was RAVENOUS by 2pm, at which point I hit up my favorite Indian buffet and had two ginormous plates of curried lentils, basmati rice, naan, and other savoury delectables. Then I went out at night, skipped dinner, drank too much wine, woke up feeling like ass. Repeat as needed.

Lord, C.L., we need to eat dinner more together because I need someone to remind me to eat healthy and at night, so I don’t binge the next day! It’s a vicious cycle and one that I want to put a stop to.

We should start brainstorming New Year’s Resolutions. Do you have any yet, C.L.?

Me love you long time,



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