julia child & dirt juice

i am horrible with surprises!  therefore, cheddar chap has already received a few christmas gifts. a subscription to dwell and two cookbooks: julia child’s the french chef cookbook (wonderful action shots from the early 60s) and cajun-creole cooking…actually wait. while typing this, i also told him about the subscription to architectual record.  oops : )  cheddie responded by letting me know that he got me a two year sub to BUST!  yay!  so sweet.

two days in a row, now, i’ve hit the gym hard. feeling like i’ve caught my stride again. well, today, after a satisfying workout, i hit up the gym rat snack shack for a juice. i thought why not get my serving of fruits and vegetables in cup?! i ordered the “beetnik”… beets, apple and carrots.  mmmm mmmm mmmm, me thought.  but noooooooo.  if you go to my gym, please do not order this cup of dirt juice!  yes, this magenta concoction tasted like it was ladeled from the earth!  i watched as my blender girl put dirty, unwashed carrots into the juicer.  i thought that stems, roots and seeds would just result in juicy goodness.  heed my advice: wash your fruits and veggies before blending! 

i’ll post some pictures later.

time for a tuna sandwich!  and a coors light – it is 2pm after all.


cheese louisa may alcott : )


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