i’m back…

thanks for holding down the fort, m.m., while i’ve been m.i.a.!!!!  i came off a long weekend of funeral induced reunions, end of semester recouping and work.  but i’m back!

i had horrible eating habits during this time; although, i did enjoy the 5 white castle burgers (they’re little) and pizza rolls! ; ) last night, the fun continued with pizza and wings!  however, last night i got a full 9 and half hours of sleep! woke up a bit after 7, made some tea (i’m off coffee), read news, journaled, chatted with cheddar chap… i feel so good, and it’s barely 9am! i’ll be heading to the gym shortly, followed by a day of grading papers.

i feel slightly over-caffeinated…in a good way. is this contributing to my happiness? i don’t know. but, m.m., i can’t wait to hug you!


cheese louise : )


One response to “i’m back…

  1. C.L., I am so glad you are back, both in the blogosphere and in my reality-sphere. Cyber hugs and real life hugs rule!

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