Power Lunch: Or, in which I gear myself up for a long week.


It’s Monday, otherwise known as the Worst Day of the Week, Ever. I feel really gluttonous and disgusting from a weekend of booze-fueled debauchery, so I’m taking it down a notch and treating myself right. I had a great, yummy lunch today: an organic red delicious apple, a huge coffee with skim milk, a couple handfuls of tamari dry roasted almonds, and a killer turkey-pinto chili from Oasis. (You know how I love their soups.) I think almonds are a “superfood” and everything else felt pretty healthy too, so I feel like maybe, just maaaybe, I’m back on track. The holidays are definitely tough when it comes to not stuffing my face with delicious food and hoppy beers. How do we learn how to say ‘no, thanks?’

Alright, back to the work grindstone. Good luck catching up on sleep, C.L.!

One love,



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