Hung. Over.


I’m not hungover right now or anything but that is basically how I would describe my entire weekend. I have problems with self-control, it’s true, but at a certain point I’m all like, “Okay, spending my Sunday mornings in the toilet bowl ā€” not so much the way I want to go anymore.” Yeah, yesterday was a little rough. Drinking from 4pm to 4am two days in a row will do that to a gal. My hangover cure? A looooooong nap, tons of water, episodes of The O.C. on repeat, fistfuls of aspirin, buttered toast, and my preferred magical cure-all elixir: Gatorade. Oh Gatorade, how I love thee. Downed this puppy in about 45 seconds flat.

Pre-New Year’s Resolution: Drink much less. Will see the results in my waistband, I’m sure of it.



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