Weekend, embrace me with your all-enveloping magic: Or, in which I wax poetic about Oasis soups.

Morning! Kind of got a late start — I think it’s all the snow. It just makes me want to snuggle in bed all morning. Don’t you agree, C.L.? I have tons of stuff I want to share with you. I guess I’ll post the most pertinent link first, something I found via Jezebel when they posted about Oprah “apologizing” for “falling off the diet wagon” and hitting the “Dreaded 2-0-0” again. To that I say, fuck you Oprah. Don’t apologize for shit. You are the most powerful woman in the entire world and we think you look great. Someone posted this link to a good essay about fat acceptance. It’s a good reminder to not get too caught up in all this body image bullshit, you know?


Moving along. After my post earlier this week about all teh hotties in teh world, I went on a mini-Leo bender. Let’s admire this photo gallery, shall we? And for good measure, a beautiful interview with Leo and Kate (who, side note, I think has one of the most perfect bodies in the world) — could I love these two more? I say, let’s see Revolutionary Road when it comes out, C.L.! It looks soooo good.

Also, C.L., I have a feeling that you will love this blog, Fuck You, Penguin. It’s so good and weird and hilarious. Check it!

Oh, have you seen this new Ithaca magazine floating around town? It’s free and pretty decent. It’s called Ithaha and run by two former New Yorker editors and cartoonists! Pretty impressive.

Now. Back to me! This has been a big shoe week, as yesterday I received a pair of heavily discounter Rachel Comey heels that I’ve been lusting after all fall. They are simply gorgeous and JUST the motivation I need to look good for the holidays. Aren’t they stunning? The red color makes me so happy.


Hold on. I’m not done being happy about these. Let’s take another view, shall we?


:Sighs: I’ve never really been a “shoe girl” but these legitimately make me happy. I can see them being cute with skirts, dresses, jeans, tights, no tights, pretty much everything. And they’re really comfortable. Win-win.

I think I had a pretty good week, eating-wise. I drank WAY too much though, which I realize negates all the good effects of a healthy diet. Fuck. Whatever, I had a good week. But I just would like to take a second to applaud the fine folks at Oasis Groceries in downtown Ithaca for their fine, fine soups. It’s pretty much a given that I’ll adore any soup they put out. I personally love their black bean chili and curried yam and zucchini, but I tried their Ethiopian peanut and spinach soup yesterday and loved it. I enjoyed it with a huge coffee and no sugar added cranberry juice (the king of all juices, duh). Mmmmm:


This soup was so delicious. Flecked with bits of onion and plenty of chopped spinach, it was still meaty and so satisfying thanks to the salty broth, chunks of buttery potato and peanuts that were floating around. It was a little oily, but absolutely lip-smacking good. Let’s zoom in:


Wow. I think it’s time for lunch now — my stomach is grumbling after staring at this photo.

Happy eating,



P.S. ONE. MORE. THING. PLEASE tell me you happened to read the GREATEST ARTICLE EVER POSTED ON JEZEBEL. I was DYING yesterday at work. Absolutely brilliant post on top 15 favorite ridiculous women. It’s so unbelieveable and on-point. Read and watch all the videos for a good laugh. Funnily enough, this list also happens to be most of the same women who I would love to hang out with and have a beer with (Liza, Kathleen, Liz, CELINE, Whitney, Mariah). Classic. I adore these women so much (and have a newfound appreciation for Kathy Lee Gifford). The Liza Minelli clip is, in itself, one of the greatest things of all time. Okay, I’m done now. [Jezebel]


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