Feeling good! Got new boots! It’s almost the weekend! Yeah!


Hey C.L., how’s that paper coming along? Can’t wait till you’re done so we can play!

Yesterday was great for me. I had a great lunch (went back to Viva for a cup of the tomatillo pork posole, mmmm! I was having an intense craving), followed by a great dinner (veggie burger with mushrooms and shitloads of ketchup at the Pourhouse. It came with coleslaw which looked disgusting, so all I ate was the burger which is great right because I didn’t think to order fries or anything, yay!) and only three pints of beer,  so it was a pretty good day. I was feeling really good this morning (probably helped that I got about a good 9 hours of sleep, oh yes, it’s 11am and I just stumbled into work) so I decided to bust out these killer new boots I got last week. I bought them vintage online (via Etsy) and I kind of want to wear them everysingleday with everythingIown. Like, purple boots with my PJs! Purple boots with my wedding dress! Purple boots with my bikini! And on and on and on.

They are so comfortable and I think have a steel toe which makes me feel badass which in turn makes me feel like I can take on the world. Let’s zoom out, shall we?


Awwwwww yeah. Totally badass. I lurve them. Sorry, I know this isn’t a food or health-related post, but it is sort of a body image / confidence post. Isn’t it amazing how one item of clothing can make you feel a little invincible? These boots are doing the trick.

Over and out,



2 responses to “Feeling good! Got new boots! It’s almost the weekend! Yeah!

  1. those are awesome M! i feel compelled to call you chego chica today… maybe it’s because i’m thinking of ryan from chino.

    paper is going… bought a new computer last night! came with a printer/scanner/copier! i got such a deal! : ) i love deals. it may seem like it was a bad idea to take a 4 hour break to buy a computer, eat at Applebee’s and rent the last disc of the John Adams mini-series but…. things are working out!

    hey M, um sex totally burns calories – how’d the date finish? or i should say, did you? wow. yeah, sorry, working on little sleep. 🙂

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