i’m in the mood…

for some smoked salmon! and good news… a serving (3 oz. or about 4 slices) has 120-140 calories! 60 calories from fat. now what about that bagel and cream cheese i want to accompany it? according to the daily plate, a generic bagel has 259 calories. now, i’m not sure whether or not that includes the cream cheese.

what got me thinking about this deliciousness was jezebel’s post about the “hottest food trends of 2009″ – a whole lot of breakfast for dinner. i don’t know if i’m a breakfast all the time gal. i like my eggs hard-boiled.

and for more happiness, while you’re perusing jezebel, check out the wainwrights.


cheesy weezie

p.s. i’m totally procrastinating … Keats! here i come!


3 responses to “i’m in the mood…

  1. is this post in a large font for anyone else? i don’t know what i did.

  2. Hahahaha breakfast as a “trend”? Oh, those silly, silly people at Bon Appetit. Seriously though I love that magazine. But that is a fucking stupid thing to say.

    But I can get on board with cheap wine as a trend, that means we’re really trendy, right? Cutting edge? Vanguards?


  3. Yes. the post is in a very very large font. I kinda like it. It’s like those big-print books for senior citizens. Sight-impaired FTW!

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