Hump day link fun and procrastination!


I finally finished those dang Simpsons fruit snacks I bought at Hollywood Video. I realized why they were on sale. They were weirdly fuzzy and overly chewy. NOT the delicious, sugary snack I was looking for. I ate them all anyway.

Bob Petrillose, Hot Truck founder, maker and inventor of delicious French bread pizza, has passed away. Lovers of 4am milkshakes and pizza subs weep. [Serious Eats]

This article is kind of my life, in a non-ironic, non-snarky way. [The Onion]

This article, too, is me in a non-ironic way. Sadly. Ella, I miss you. [The Onion]

Tie-die and batik in one garment? This is pretty much my ideal piece of clothing. In. Love. [Refinery29]


This calendar is the perfect thing for 2009. What a great (and cute) way to start the new year. Do want. [Lena Corwin]

Oh, I guess I should post some healthy food links, too. Whoopsies. Got a lil off track there. How about some low fat blueberry scones? They look so! good! [Gina’s Weight Watchers Recipes]

I basically make a variation of this soup at least once a week: Butternut squash and white bean soup. Yum yum yum. So healthy and hearty. Good with added shredded chicken, or maybe more vegetables with diced baby spinach. [Tofu and cupcakes]

Oh, my lord: this shredded chipotle chicken looks fucking awesome. Let’s make this for our next O.C. dinner date. You know, instead of garlic mashed potatoes and wine. [A Smart Mouth]


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