Your daily WYR…



3 responses to “Your daily WYR…

  1. Oh man. As it happens, receiving praise for something I didn’t do is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate it when that happens; it makes me feel icky. And I prefer to be secretly proud of someone with no public recognition but it’s usually sooo awk when someone flatters me. Weirdly enough it makes me super uncomfortable. I usually deflect with something self-deprecating.

  2. Also, I totally don’t understand the comic. Is it supposed to be touching? Dark? Bizarre? Weird? Is she drowning the wee kitteh? Please say it ain’t so…..

  3. the comic is the perry bible fellowship (talented artist who went to su)… i wanted to find one that exemplified a good deed. but then i found this one. and yes, they’re meant to be dark and demented. the fireman saved the cat so that the young girl could drown her cat…

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