monday monday

m.m.  – alcohol is the catalyst for the vicious cycle of calorie consumption.  i felt it yesterday, too!

actually, my posts may be a little sparse this week as all of my attention will be focused on John Keats.  i have a 20 page paper due Thursday evening.  i’m not stressed, but i have to focus.  i’ve done all my research, but now it’s time to write.  ooo!  ooo!  what do you think of my title?  The Ladies and the Legends: Keats’ Troubled Mortal Dreamers…??  that’s all the writing i’ve accomplished.  so, this is relevant because i worked long and hard through the daylight hours on my paper because i knew i would have to wait tables that evening.  turns out the restaurant wasn’t expecting much business so, i had the night off!  i headed down to where cheddar chap was feverishly working on a model for his final review so that we could do a little vehicle exchange.  (carpool – shrink your carbon footprint)  anyway, it was in fact dinner time, and he immediately suggested Uncle Joe’s.  i knew i was taking the night off so, 32 oz. beers were exactly what i wanted.  i ordered a buffalo chicken salad – better than ordering a plate of wings, right?  but i also had two 32 oz. coors lights.  thank goodness ched was driving!  upon my return home i consumed 2 miller high lifes.  this stirred my hunger for 6 or 7 oreos, a handful of tortilla chips and a couple yogurt covered pretzels.  not horrible, but not good.  earlier that day i had a turkey sandwich with spinach and berry chutney and a few cups of tea.  food consumption wasn’t terrible for the day, but i did eat too late.  and to top it all off, i’m experiencing a little bit of lady problem that prohibits me from going to the gym today.  on the plus side, i drunkenly painted my toe nails and got 10 hours of solid sleep!


cheeselouise xoxo


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