a modern girl’s dining dilemma: eating on the job.

mondays are tough for anyone, but for those of us who have a lame 9-5 job, it can be even harder to pull away from the relaxation and coziness of the weekend and buckle down for the weekday grind. eating well is almost harder especially when there are deadlines to meet, conferences to be had, papers to be written. it’s rare these days that i eat away from my desk, and i’m pretty sure that’s, like, really bad for you or something. i LOVE taking long lunches, and muching on a sandwich in front of my keyboard is beyond depressing. it can take a toll of a girl, i tell ya. and so, i present to you my breakfast:


and lunch:


i know, i know. pathetic. but we get free pizza on mondays (i’m really broke) and i never have time to eat breakfast before i leave for work.

so what’s a modern girl to do? any suggestions? pack snacks to leave in our office fridge, like carrots, hummus, apples, dried fruit? how is a girl supposed to turn down the temptations of free office goodies??

yours in pondering,



4 responses to “a modern girl’s dining dilemma: eating on the job.

  1. when time is short, our diet definitely suffers. and how easy is it to reach for items that are not so healthy for us? i’d rather grab a slice of pizza than a bag of carrots, honestly. but it feels good to prepare a nice hearty soup or salad or protein for ourselves – when there’s time. sometimes when i spend time preparing food, i feel guilty because i’m sure i should be spending my time otherwise. yet again, another cycle.

  2. another dilemma for me…

    when i’m working, i hate breaking for meals. i feel like i lose momentum. i’d rather spend my work day sipping tea and competing with my hunger. if i stop for lunch, i lose focus and feel lethargic.

  3. i guess one way to avoid it is to prepare enough food to take you through at least 2-3 days. soups are good for this. anything slow cooked is good for this. pasta is not so good for this. neither is salad.

    also, i TOTALLY know what you mean about momentum and losing focus. i’m like that with cigarettes – smoking through meals while i work (this is especially true at night).

    sometimes i play games with my psyche – me vs. my stomach. who will win? if i can eat lunch at 2pm instead of 11:30am, it’s like a weird psychological victory. if i can skip breakfast and still eat the same amount at lunch, that’s another victory. if i can force myself to skip dinner altogether (as i did last night), that’s a good win, too.

    is that fucked up?

  4. yes. fucked up. but totally fun and worth it!

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