something to make us smile…


…because everyone needs a good smile every now and again. i don’t know why, but this photo makes me unexplicably happy and i have a feeling you would like it too, c.l. maybe it’s because of my unending adoration and love for ms. joan cusack – grosse point blank! school of rock! addams family values! working girl! toys! sixteen candles! high fidelity! i! could! go! on! forever! – but i suspect her INCREDIBLE rainbow sweater has something to do with it too. but she is working her look, and i admire that! she’s clearly a healthy woman with a great, normal figure. so there’s some inspiration to push on with the diet…

P.S. OMG after a brief skim of ms. cusack’s wikipedia entry i learn that we HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. oh joan, i KNEW we were soulmates!! i wonder if she likes pesto and goat cheese as much as me, too…

[photo courtesy jezebel]


One response to “something to make us smile…

  1. amazing. thank you!

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