late start

i meant to hit the gym in the a.m.  as i continually got sidetracked, i started feeling pretty low.  i felt lost.  what happened to the day’s agenda?  i settled down with a moderate lunch and finished watching an episode of the o.c.  i thought my downward spiral would continue as my mind fixated on the chips in the kitchen.  however, by allowing myself a few chips, i actually jump started my day again!  i said, “cheese louise.  go ahead and have those chips.  but then, get out of the house and get to the gym.  some cardio and the steam room are waiting for you!”  so, folks.  that’s where i’m headed.  and i’m pretty psyched about it.

have a wonderful saturday!


cheese louise


One response to “late start

  1. yay! nothing like an episode of the o.c. (aka ryan’s abs) to jump start your energy levels.

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