i got the beer belly blues


hey c.l., thanks for your late night honesty there. i know that can’t be easy. i know that rules are important – getting a good night’s sleep definitely being one of them! – but you should give yourself some flexibility, too, so you aren’t too hard on yourself when you break your rules, which sometimes will happen. but we can do this!

that being said, i totally fell off the wagon last night too! hahaha. dammit dammit dammit. after our delicious, light sushi box lunch, i was feeling great too! but then liquor happens. oh booze, how i alternately love and hate you. after 1 yeungling and 2 vodka sodas later, i was definitely buzzing. i couldn’t resist a cold beer, but at least i switched to a less caloric cocktail, so that’s semi-improvement, right?

anyway i wasn’t feeling hungry at all, but by the time 9pm rolled around i was STARVING. so i got a turkey sub with tons of veggies from jimmy johns and a bottle of water, which, in my semi-drunken state, seemed like the most healthy decision i was going to make.

but it was the booze that’s the problem. after my sandwich, i hit up an art opening (booze), another bar (booze) and finally the lost dog (booze, booze, booze).

how do we learn to say no, when all we want to do is have fun? it’s so hard to turn down a free shot of whiskey, a cold beer, a delicious cocktail, especially when you’re already having fun. :sighs: after you sent that link about the alcohol calorie counter, c.l., — readers, try it if you dare! — i figured that i had over 600 calories of booze! ahhhhhh! so: better self control in the future, or just puke it up as soon as i get home. hahaha! joking! kidding. k i d d i n g.

i was off the wagon last night, but back on again today. feeling like a new person!


One response to “i got the beer belly blues

  1. thanks m.m.

    i think you will find that once you start exercising and managing your diet, your alcohol tolerance will drop. you’ll be a lightweight in no time! – that is, if you return my calls and messages about accompanying me to the gym! : ) but no, it’s hard to control the fun. willpower: you can has it.

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