exercise once you’ve made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise, there is no greater coincidence than that of your best friend deciding to do the same!  look at that – an instant support system.  so, manchego mama and myself decided to start Ciao, chow, ciao! as a sort of diet/exercise/food/cooking blog and journal.

personally, i’d like to lose weight to feel healthy again.  i want a strong body and mind.  i want to  run faster, jump higher, be cooler.  sorry, i used to sell sneakers.  seriously, though.  it’s hard to stay on task.  sometimes i’d rather hit the snooze button than the gym.  i’m always up for chicken wings and beer.  and i love cheese.  cheese alone.  cheese on cheese.  cheese on anything.  i’m going to use this forum to share my diet and exercise experience with you.  you’ll taste my sweat, hear my stomache rumble, and shake your head when i break down and eat a block of cheese.  i need this.  i need to be honest with myself and what i’m doing.  what better way than to make myself somewhat vulnerable, sharing my victories, defeats, milestones and fears?  who knows what time and evolution will bring to these posts?

there will be stories.  some funny.  some sad.  some inspiring.  there will be recipes and pictures of delicious healthy food.

join me as i share my efforts with you.  i look forward to hearing about yours!


cheese louise


One response to “ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. beautiful post, c.l.! i couldn’t’ve said it better myself, although my personal weaknesses are pizza, red wine, potato chips, and gummi bears. but i’m with you on the cheese achilles heel!

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