an introduction and recipe links.

hey guys. manchego mama here. i’m really excited to start this blog with the rest of the ciao, chow, ciao crowd (can we abbreviate that to c.c.c. in the future? or maybe c3? ooh. i like that.) as i try to figure out my health regime and get back on track. the photo above reminds me of better times – the peak of ‘mater season in late summer! and what could be healthier than bowlfuls of spicy pico de gallo? the ‘maters are courtesy of cheese louise. i’m sure you can’t wait to tell us about your awesome vegetable garden, right c.l.?

anyway, i’m 2899610148_0cd8354729really into cooking from scratch and food photography so i’ll try to provide lots of links to healthy, delish recipes, especially picked for the cold winter months. let’s start!

Steamed Fish in Paper (en Papillote) with Grapefruit and Tarragon. i love cooking fish in paper because it stays so moist and flavorful. the grapefruit (you could use oranges or lemons, too) create a sweet broth. tarragon is an expensive purchase just for one meal, but any herb would work great, especially parsley or basil (with the citrus).

hey, it’s gotta be better than regular fries, right? (kinda healthy) baked rosemary sweet potato fries

oh lord: delish grilled figs. now, where can i buy figs….

healthy, cream-less squash soup. perfect for winter. i would replace the butter with something healthier, like only 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.

cider braised chicken from one of my favorite food blogs. this is super healthy way to cook chicken until its falling-apart tender. with some whole wheat bread or brown rice on the side, it’s perfect comfort food. it’s also easy and hands-off. plus, the cider flavors are so good for fall/winter!

peppery green beans with sage and parmigiano reggiano. so much more interesting than just steaming them. my other favorite way to cook green beans is by using a slow braise with white wine, tomatoes, and tons of garlic. so much flavor, and SO healthy for you.

okay, that’s all for now. i’ll continue to add links to our favorite food blogs that provide inspiration and helpful advice.

happy eating!




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